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Audiofile is an extremely cost effective, audio logging system with all the facilities you would expect in the information age.

Audiofile's client software is IP based, meaning you can access the station's audio from anywhere in the world, across a RAS or VPN connection, or even via the internet. Staff can listen to the station with Audiofile's near real-time playback, and adjust the stream to meet their connection bandwidth.

More than just a logging system, Audiofile with it's optional General Purpose I/O interface, can act as a mic skimmer, and as a silence sensor.

Your production staff will no longer have to waste precious time producing audio snoops, as Audiofile makes it easy for anyone to lift audio. Simply mark the in and out points, and click on save, and your staff will have a MP3 saved> This is also ideal for quickly turning around audio for podcasts.

Even with a basic PC and on-board audio card, Audiofile can record 2 Mono channels simultaneously. More audio channels can be added with more audio cards, or put in a multi-channel audio card for up to 16 mono channels or 8 stereo channel recording.

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