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Genesys, a professional studio playout system at a fraction of the cost of existing systems, with features you have never seen before, but probably always wanted.

Features include ...
- Uses industry standard MySQL or MSSQL as database backbone, which provides reliability, speed and redundancy.

- The audio board can be anything from a on board sound card right up to a professional digital audio board. Genesys will make use of the capabilities of professional audio boards. Genesys has advanced features for working with Axia IP consoles.

- Record and playback aptX, Mpeg-Layer II (MP2), Mpeg-Layer III (MP3) or uncompressed audio. Crossfade from a cart in one format to another with no problem.

- Genesys can do tight crossfades, or allow your presenters to perform individual hot mixing on the fly,

- Cue up audio just like a professional CD player

- Use Adobe Audition as an editor. Genesys adds extra functionality that allows you to bring in audio in all supported compressions (even MP2 and aptX) right into the editor.

- Genesys unique audio import folder gets audio from production to on-air in seconds.

- Voice Tracking uses audio level ribbons with as many points as you like. Your station will sound like the DJ is sitting there crossfading.

- CD-Ripper built into the software, that will convert to your preferred format and  normalise the audio,

- Multiple configurations. You can set up Genesys to primarily act as a touch screen quick fire system, or set up each playline to be a different radio station. It makes simulcasting and automated stations for DAB and Web broadcasting cost effective.

- Advanced command sets for simulcasting and automation. Genesys can also cross to satellite services and back completely unattended.

The Genesys Log Generator will import music and spots from just about any package under the sun. Importing audio and logs from other systems is a breeze too!

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