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Gathering, editing, producing and broadcasting radio news has never been easier. With NewsRoom 4.5, your reporters, anchors and producers will have access to all the information they need to get the news on the air quickly and accurately. NewsRoom 4.5 builds on the success of NewsRoom 4.0 and 3.0, adding several new features and enhancing all others.
NewsRoom 4.5 offers the ability for multiple people to edit the same news cast. In addition, each user may be assigned rights based on the level of control they should have over news cast line-up, content and format. The news director will have full control, with the ability to determine the format for each news cast, while others may only have the ability to add stories or re-arrange their order.
Any changes made in a news cast are seen at every workstation the moment a change is saved. This includes a dynamic update to the on-air workstations so you can get breaking news on the air immediately.
As more information services begin offering Internet based distribution of data, it is even more important for your news room to be able to connect and integrate with browser technology.
NewsRoom 4.5 uses Dynamic HTML editing controls. This means your news room can pull content directly from the Internet for use in NewsRoom! This gives your team the ability to insert internet data on the fly, do text searches, drag and drop content then edit for use in a newscast.
NewsRoom 4.5 captures all text wire services and network audio feeds automatically.
Audio can be edited quickly and easily, including cross fades, mixing, drag and drop splicing and the ability to rough cut recordings on the fly.
Wire Store is a big plus, allowing system wide queues to separate all the information received into categories that make sense in your operation.
Local stories can also be archived in a local wire to provide a single access point to all pertinent information. Also, wires are stored as HTML and audio appears as objects that can be played back right from the wire viewer.
Simply point and click to playback an audio clip.
If you have remote workstations or multiple sites with information that needs to be shared, NewsRoom 4.5 is the answer. It uses TCP/IP to communicate which means all your remote workstations need is an internet connection and they are online!
The same can be done between other NewsRoom sites by simply selecting their server to see an affiliate's news.

Other features:
- All configuration handled in a single program.
- Fully drag and drop functional.
- Auto-saving and auto-purging of stories.
- E-mail between NewsRoom workstations and sites in addition to internet e-mail.
- Contact Database - public and private lists.
- Shared storage for planning future events, story assignments and keeping track of past events.
- Easy, fast editing of manually or automatically captured audio feeds.
- On-Air prompting with automatic audio queuing based on position in the cast

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