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Since 1998, Powergold users have enjoyed a intuitive Windows music scheduling system, and now Powergold version 12 adds even more functionality to an already reliable, cost effective, proven product.

Features include ...

- Imports daily commercial schedules from your traffic system.

- Imports research from your research system.

- Interfaces with nearly all digital audio playback systems, providing a complete schedule of all audio events, and of course works with Genesys like a hand-in-glove!

- Schedules music, tempo-matched jingles, liners, voice tracks, notes, and automation commands.

- Stable, multi-user network operation.

- Powerful Internet Tools to make your life easier. Incredible Music Library where you can drag and drop one song or an unlimited number of songs from Category to Category quickly and easily. You get instant sorting, custom filtering, mass changers of every kind, unlimited saved Song Lists that can be used in a variety of ways, and much more.

- Clocks with circular and linear views and an unlimited number of positions. Color-coded Categories and circular clock views help you visually balance category placement within an hour.

- Auto-Edit, Auto-Replace, Suggest-Replace, Manual Replace, Replace by Title, Replace by Artist and many other editing tools to make schedule editing fast and easy.

- Highlight songs by any criteria in the Schedule Editor, navigate from one highlighted song to the next with one click, and analyze the count and percentage of highlighted songs in each hour or any combination of hours.

- Totally customizable and flexible graphical user interface. Completely customizable printed logs, custom reports, and screen layouts.

- Powerful analytical tools.

- Unlimited everything. Songs, Custom Song Fields, Categories, Folders, Clocks, Custom Song Properties, you name it. Use the song Properties imported from your current music scheduler or invent your own song Properties and scheduling rules. Protections can even be set up between Properties of completely different Property Groups.

- Superior scheduling logic using "Automatic Point Scaling" antiquates all other schedulers.

- Local and overseas support 24/7.

- No initial fee. Just a very cost effective annual fee that makes Powergold finiancially viable to every kind of radio station. We'll even make it financially viable for you to upgrade to Windows Powergold.

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